Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

While we tend follow a PMI-recognized phased approach to run our projects we often use the industry standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to govern the implementation of our actual software.

A quick glance at the major SDLC phrases makes it easy to see why – the SDLC emphasizes upfront Planning, Design, and Documentation in its early phases, progresses into the Implementation phase, and wraps up with Testing then Deployment.

This dovetails nicely with the approach that JBS has cultivated for over 17 years of building successful software solutions.

Our SDLC approach:

01 Requirements Gathering and Analysis

At JBS, gaining a thorough understanding of what our customers are trying to build is absolutely paramount. Put simply, this sets the stage for a successful product development.

02 Design

Design doesn’t merely refer to UX (although we have that completely covered too) – it means taking what we’ve learned from the Requirement Gathering and Analysis phase and crafting a solution to meet every requirement.

03 Implementation

Simply getting into the guts of it – this part is made easier by the significant effort we’ve put into the first two phases.

01 Testing

We pride ourselves on churning out code that simply works – and we make sure of it by testing that each and every requirement has been met to the proper quality standard.

04 Deployment

Deployments can be complex and customers often require minimal disruption – so as a result, we take our deployments very seriously. By following a simple, tried and true checklist-based process, we ensure that our applications are rolled out carefully and successfully.

05 Maintenance

Software applications are living, breathing things that require maintenance. We make sure to commit time and resources to make sure the application maintains its “brand new” feel.

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