UX/UI Design & Development

Whether a public-facing or an internal system, your applications need to shape the user’s interaction though User Experience (UX) concepts while maintaining consistent identity and branding through User Interface (UI). JBS can take general business ideas from concept to production by utilizing things such as blueprints, user flow, wireframes, usability testing, rapid prototypes, logo and branding development, illustrations, visual mockups and design, style guides, pattern libraries and production-ready visual assets. We’re able to step into the UX/UI spectrum as dictated by need, often working from one end to the other or providing individual steps along the way. Our interfaces are always responsive and mobile-ready and built using a variety of frameworks, UI libraries or custom solutions that are most appropriate for the project.

Our UX and UI expertise includes:

  • UX planning and development including:
    • Wireframing
    • Prototyping
    • Site Mapping
  • Visual and graphic design including:
    • Logo, branding and identify development
    • Matching or extending existing visuals or collateral
    • Original application interfaces or “look-and-feel”
    • Custom illustration
    • Style guides
  • Responsive design adapting to all device screens using frameworks including:
    • Bootstrap
    • Foundation
    • Ionic
  • Client side scripting frameworks including:
    • JQuery
    • Angular.js
    • EmberJs
  • Implementation including:
    • HTML, CSS, SASS, JS frameworks
    • Coordination with developers
    • Testing across multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems

Our staff is unique, consisting of on-shore senior-level architects, developers, engineers and project leaders with many years of viable, market-tested data platform management experience. We will assign a dedicated project team and team lead for your project, who will be responsible to deliver your solution “on-time and on budget.” The fact that we don’t work with a single technological stack allows us to take an unbiased and independent view of a technological prerequisite.

To get started on your custom software solution, call 1-888-421-1155.