E-commerce Solutions

Much of JBS’s custom development nearly 20-year history has been focused on e-commerce systems, having participated in the early growth and evolution of the digital commerce space. In any given year, roughly 45% of JBS’s development team is working on e-commerce related systems. We have built fully custom e-commerce systems, integrated with best of breed packages and SaaS models in the e-commerce ecosystem, and have stayed ahead of the never ending SEO algorithms. With nearly a billion dollars in transactions to date, our clients say “JBS knows e-commerce.”

Working with a varied list of software partners and technology stacks, JBS provides a unique experience and perspective in helping guide your overall e-commerce solution. We begin each project with a thorough understanding of your organization’s internal capabilities and culture, your current systems infrastructure strengths and shortcomings, your business requirements and the potential strategic impact a new e-commerce custom solution can have on your business. Applying our years of industry experience and technical knowledge, we assess your organization’s needs and skill-sets before we map the custom solution from end-to-end, then select the right software approach for your project.

Our services and approach includes:

  • Discovery, needs analysis
  • Migrating existing e-commerce platform
  • Custom vs COTS analysis
  • Experience with multiple COTS solutions:
    • Magento
    • Oscar
    • Virto
  • Integrations with ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics
  • Expertise in common e-commerce paradigms:
    • Payment processing
    • SEO
    • Analytics
    • Multi-channel fulfillment
    • 3rd party integrations (marketing, affiliates, vendors)
  • 24/7 support

Our staff is unique, consisting of on-shore senior-level architects, developers, engineers and project leaders with many years of viable, market-tested e-commerce experience. We will assign a dedicated project team and team lead for your project, who will be responsible to deliver your solution “on-time and on budget.”

To get started on your custom software solution, call 1-888-421-1155.