BI and Data Analytics

The amount of data being captured these days is staggering. While clients often have systems in place to generate and capture large amounts of data, they do not always have the software, tools, and expertise to view and interpret the data in a way that can provide useful business insights. That’s where JBS can help. We have worked with multiple clients to design and load data warehouses, as well as building systems and tools for deeply analyzing the data. Whether it’s helping a financial services firm to improve its forecasting and risk mitigation strategy, or a Law Enforcement technology company to run its data mart more efficiently, we have the credentials to help our clients make better use of their data.

Our expertise in BI & Data Analytics includes:

  • Identification of key systems and key data
  • ETL process design and implementation
  • Data Warehouse, Data Mart, and Data Lake design
  • Multi-dimensional Data Cubes
  • Design and implementation of Data Visualization tools
  • Technologies including:
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Microsoft PowerBI
    • Microsoft BI Suite (SQL, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS)
    • Hadoop
  • Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence Developers

We employ a diverse and experienced on-shore team, who can design, develop, implement and launch mobile, web, cloud and backend reporting solutions, designed for your present day and future business goals. Our vast experience will help you save time and money by intelligently integrating your existing data sets into actionable, reliable BI and Analytics. The fact that we don’t work with a single technological stack allows us to take an unbiased view independent of a technological prerequisite. Further, we are able to draw upon relevant experience regardless of your company’s size due to the large size variance of our own customer base – our partners range in size from small start-up to multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies.

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