Enterprise Class Custom Software

Delivering innovative technical solutions that exceed expectations.

Cloud Technologies

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully design, develop, and support enterprise software systems, our engineers use industry know how and best practices to successfully design and develop modern cloud applications. We have experience in all segments of enterprise cloud software including application hosting, databases, and cloud services. JBS is a certified Gold Level Microsoft Partner as well as an certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. We have managed hundreds of cloud hosted systems in both environments, and we know how to properly support the requirements of enterprise software in the cloud. We utilize cloud infrastructures that leverage modern hosting options including serverless and containers, providing solutions that are optimized for our clients needs.

Modern Dev-Ops

Our teams follow best practices when it comes to developing and managing modern enterprise software architectures. Our engineers all have an extensive software background and proven track records of successful software projects. JBS engineers develop high quality software by developing well-tested software, writing tests for all core system components. They use continuous integration and delivery to deliver that software early and often during projects for testing and review. Testing, quality assurance, and user acceptance testing are of utmost importance, improving code quality and ensuring optimal user experience.


In order to deliver high quality software systems rapidly, JBS often leverages microservices and service-based architectural designs. The proliferation of microservices in enterprise software has revolutionized the software development industry. We leverage microservices to design systems with small, maintainable services that serve a single business domain or purpose. JBS has designed hundreds of microservice systems from the ground up, as well as being experts at augmenting existing software stacks with a set of microservice extensions. JBS has the experience and understanding to know when to use microservices and when to avoid them, helping our clients design systems that are pragmatic and effective.

Integrated teams

After years of working with enterprise software, JBS engineers are experienced in all areas of enterprise software development. Our hybrid-model of software development pairs our senior level experts with your existing resources to maximize productivity, effectiveness, and ultimately, return on investment. Our engineers will leverage their enterprise expertise to quickly and efficiently integrate with internal and external services, design and develop business logic, and deploy software that will meet your unique needs. Utilizing modern technology, industry best practices, and years of expertise, our teams deliver solutions that move your enterprise forward.

Custom software process

Most of the custom software that we’ve delivered over the years support proprietary business models with innovative technological solutions. This is the core of our business and our experience ranges from conception (design, R&D) to delivery (code complete, deployment). Our rich history is filled with successful proprietary applications and systems developed specifically for our partners and range in size from very small back office utilities to large, big data, 1000+ user systems.

As no two projects are alike, we invest considerable time upfront on projects to deeply understand your business challenges and goals. In developing business software solutions for our partners, we focus on your culture, in-house team capabilities, and strategic business goals, always dedicated to delivering appropriate, profit-focused solutions. Applying years of industry experience and technical knowledge, we assess your organization's needs and skill-sets before we create a custom end-to-end solution from the ground up.

The fact that we don’t work with a single technological stack allows us to take an unbiased view independent of a technological prerequisite. Further, we are able to draw upon relevant experience regardless of your company’s size due to the large size variance of our own customer base – our partners range in size from small start-up to multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies.

Diverse Enterprise Expertise

Retail & Ecommerce Professionals

Much of our custom development in our 20+ year history has been focused on retail and ecommerce systems. In any given year, roughly 45% of JBS development teams are working on retail & ecommerce related systems. We build e-commerce systems using an array of software partners and technology stacks, from scratch, integrated with best-of-breed retail packages and SaaS models. Having facilitated nearly a billion dollars of transactions to date, our clients say “JBS knows ecommerce.”

Advancements in Education

JBS has a deep-rooted commitment to the education sector and prides ourselves on helping our customers in the education field to the best of our ability. We understand that by improving education outcomes we can help to shape a brighter future for mankind. Our solutions help to ensure the success of our clients' business objectives and provide them with solid infrastructure on which they can build their business.

Healthcare Industry Practitioners

Dealing with healthcare rules and regulations is even more high-risk than ecommerce - where companies must keep personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card information (PCI) safe and secure. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) covers the policies, record keeping, technology, and building safety of companies that store personal health information (PHI). Through working with our Healthcare industry clients, JBS has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about how to appropriately handle PHI data and comply with HIPAA.

Government Partnerships

JBS has several years of experience working with the federal government as a custom solutions provider. JBS was selected by the USDA for a multi-year project focused on modernizing their technology and leveraging agile software development processes. The end product is a resounding success and has provided the agency with exactly what they wanted - enabling them to perform tasks more efficiently. In our approach, we work very closely with our government clients to support their legacy systems and to help them design and build their next generation applications.

A technology partner

Our staff is unique, consisting of senior-level architects, developers, and engineers. We employ a diverse and experienced on-shore team who can design, develop, implement, and launch mobile, web, cloud, and back-end solutions. Our teams know how to design for your present day and future business goals. Our vast experience will help you save time and money by intelligently integrating your existing systems and databases. We specialize in integrating, updating, and replacing existing systems with decades of enterprise architecture under our belt, including experience with enterprise security, performance, and data storage & protection.