Security In The Cloud

Mitigating Risk and Identifying Vulnerabilities

If your enterprise or business is moving (or thinking about moving) its infrastructure from an on-premise configuration to a cloud-based one - you must watch this 30-minute video. Our president, Joe Rose and our network engineer, Clive Brown discuss security in the cloud -- how to mitigate risks by identifying vulnerabilities before they become an issue. Joe will cover specific implications a company must keep in mind when moving to the cloud. These include network segregation, shared cloud services, and the differing exposure profile when comparing on-prem to cloud infrastructure. 

We'll review 4 cloud-native scenarios/architectures and show why they 'look' secure on the surface yet underneath a different story. We'll then peel back the onion and describe how they each had security vulnerabilities underneath.  These are real-world examples (actually happened!).

We also discuss the security implications of porting applications to cloud-native, and how application code security considerations come into play.

  • AiredMay 25th, 2021
  • Duration30 Minutes
  • Speakers
    Joe Rose ( President )
    Clive Brown ( Network Manager )