Air Date:
August 11th, 2020
45 Minutes


Joe Rose
Joe Rose

Joe joined JBS in 2012 as a developer where he worked his way through the ranks at a rapid pace. In 2019, Joe took on the role of Senior VP of Delivery, and due in part to his success, was named the President of JBS Custom Software Solutions in 2021. Joe brings with him a wealth of experience, technical knowledge, and a track record of meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.

Joe holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from Georgia Southern University. He lives in San Marcos, CA with his wife and two daughters.

Webinar Overview

E-Commerce business models are shifting fast and technology leaders are faced with optimizing operations to keep up with new customer expectations. As curbside pickup, ship-from-store and BOPIS grow in popularity, getting this functionality up and running quickly is key to staying competitive.

How can you meet this demand if you don’t currently have the capability? From microservice patterns to monolithic solutions, it’s important to select the right architecture to reduce the timeline to get it out the door. Our experts will compare the two architectures and share a real client case study so you can get an idea of which one may work the best for your organization.

Please join us for an exciting session where we will share our expertise and best practices for making your curbside pickup architecture a success.

Core Topics:

  • Pros and cons of microservices and monolithic solutions
  • Using AWS Lambda to allow for a more scalable solution
  • A real-world example of enterprise level curbside architecture
  • 6 best practices you should be sure to follow