Quick Launch Lab

Get things moving

Discover Effort, Cost, & Timeline of Your Next Project

Ready to quantify what it will take to add initiatives like mobile apps, ship from store, membership plan, curbside pickup and others to your current offerings, but aren’t sure exactly what it will take?

Find out in our free Quick Launch Lab discovery session. Our experts will spend a ½ day virtually with your team to assess your current infrastructure and to understand your business objectives. After the discovery session, our team will provide you with the level of effort required to launch your new initiative(s).

At the completion of the discovery period, you will have a sound understanding of the following:

  • Rough order of architecture
  • Necessary requirements
  • Magnitude of effort and cost
  • Timeframe for implementation and delivery

Quick Launch Lab Deliverables

Our team will provide you with a Quick Launch Lab deliverable, within five business days of the discovery session, outlining the following:

Approximate Timeline

Approximate Cost

High-Level Requirements

Recommended Architecture

This Quick Launch Lab discovery is a complimentary offer and there is no obligation. Please note this Quick Launch Lab is geared towards retailers and eCommerce enterprises with substantial brick and mortar businesses ($150M+). Not quite at that level? We’re happy to talk to see if you qualify.