How retailers can improve customer experience, increase revenue, and boost operational efficiency using ML on AWS

Written for retail business IT leaders, this eBook dives deep into key benefits of leveraging machine learning (ML) for retail. ML has the potential to transform enterprises in almost all industries. In retail, you can boost customer experience, revenue, and operational efficiencies. This eBook offers a breakdown of areas where retailers of any size can apply ML to yield measurable benefits.

Read this eBook to understand what ML can deliver for your retail business in today's fast-changing industry. ML can enable retailers to drive better and more personalized product recommendations and solutions that can enable better fraud protection and improve buyer segmentation in order to target the right marketable audience.

Read this eBook to learn how to:

  • Understand common misconceptions and how ML is leveraged across different industries, including retail
  • Learn of some common use cases of how retailers apply ML at scale, while overcoming common challenges
  • Take the recommended steps to select your first ML project
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