As a competitive brand, you naturally want your site to reflect your unique voice and visual guidelines. It’s equally important that your eCommerce site be user-friendly and designed to funnel users toward the shopping cart and checkout. Your design and development partner can be much more successful in establishing this type of branded, sales-driven site if you choose a platform that offers front-end flexibility


Flexibility is, of course, the primary benefit of building your own infrastructure and utilizing an on-premise eCommerce platform. With a skilled design and development team, Magento and other on-premise solutions can offer complete customization. They can also enable your business to manage its own development and deployment cycles. But be sure not to trust just anyone claiming to be a Magento developer. The system is complex and requires development professionals with Magento-specific certification.


While on-premise platforms used to be the top choice for companies seeking customization, today’s SaaS platforms are robustly equipped to meet the needs of your business. From highly flexible, modern, and responsive themes utilizing popular coding languages to easy plugin/app integration, SaaS platforms are purpose-built for designers and developers to quickly build beautiful, branded eCommerce sites that convert sales. If SaaS platforms are limited in any functionality, it is typically to comply with best practices for a frictionless and compliant checkout process. This is a positive attribute for some businesses, while others might prefer limitless customizability.


Both types of eCommerce platforms are made for customization and can be very effective for a variety of marketing and development needs. It's important to consider a number of factors in determining which option is the best fit for your business.

For more information on the topic as well as the total cost of ownership, time to market, etc., download the complimentary JBS/BigCommerce white paper SaaS Versus On-Premise: The eCommerce Platforming Showdown.

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