JBS Drives Innovation Using AWS

We know how to use AWS to achieve your goals.

AWS Partnership

For more than 10 years, JBS has developed a deep partnership as a proven vendor with AWS. Our relationships with and access to many internal AWS solution engineers, architects, and other AWS technical personnel allow us to provide our clients with smart, leading-edge solutions to complex problems.

As an AWS partner, we benefit from gaining early access to new AWS services. By the time these new services and features are live and production ready, our team has already gained deep experience and best practices. In addition, we have access to AWS partnership funding efforts for MVP, proof-of-concept, and other project work, and whenever possible, we tap these funds to help off-set our clients' costs.

AWS Partner Programs

We are honored to be part of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. Delivering robust, scalable, innovative cloud-based custom application solutions to our education, EdTech, non-profit, and government clients fuels our passion and commitment every day.

AWS Practice at a Glance

  • JBS does not hire junior or mid-level engineers. We only hire senior, highly experienced software engineers, who have a track record of developing and delivering successful software solutions.
  • 90% of all our engineers have extensive experience building and architecting AWS cloud-based solutions. Some of our most senior engineers have more than 10 years of building AWS cloud solutions. The cloud is our native language.
  • In addition, many of our engineers are AWS Certified Architects, DevOps, Sys Admins, and Developers.
  • Deep expertise providing AWS solutions across many industries, verticals, and enterprises: retail, financial, legal, educational, federal government, healthcare and non-profit.
  • Experience and familiarity with building AWS solutions from Fortune 50/100 sized enterprises to nimble, high-growth start-ups.

AWS Capabilities

Cloud Native App Development

JBS has been building cloud-based software application solutions for over a decade. This experience has led us to become experts in custom cloud-native based solution development. We've built and scaled custom cloud native applications for fortune 100 companies to small start-ups in a variety of industries.

Cloud Migrations

We are highly experienced at migrating on-prem assets (infrastructure, applications, data, etc.) into the cloud. We have experience with everything from basic, lift-and-shift migrations to enterprise-wide full cloud native digital transformations.

Data and Analytics

Structured or semi-structured, real-time or batch, we have deep experience and knowledge of the many and wide variety of AWS services that are part of their data ecosystem. Services for relational databases, NoSql, real-time streaming data, data lakes, big data platforms such as Spark, Kafka and reporting tools for dashboarding and visualization. We also have experience with many of the AWS machine learning services.

Infrastructure, Application and Compute

Serverless, containerization (Kubernetes, Docker), dedicated servers (traditional EC2) – among other, are just some of the infrastructure models we have experience and best practice knowledge of in incorporating into our AWS solutions.

Networking and Security

We help secure your workloads and applications in the cloud using virtual private clouds, hybrid cloud solutions, DNS routing and management, and secure networking. From data protection, identity and access management, infrastructure protection, threat detection/continuous monitoring, and compliance and data privacy, JBS has unparalleled expertise using AWS technologies.

Security, Governance and Compliance

AWS has a variety of tools and services for ensuring secure cloud solutions. Data encryption at rest and in transit, role based access control for user accounts, service access, and objects, asset and configuration tracking for auditing, service and data redundancy (multi-region and availability zones), PCI and HIPAA compliancy are just some of the areas where we have extensive experience and expertise to ensure our cloud solutions are safe and secure.

AWS Services


  • RDS
  • Redshift
  • DynamoDB
  • DocumentDB
  • Glue
  • Batch
  • LakeFormation
  • Data Pipeline


  • Sagemaker
  • EMR
  • Kinesis
  • Redshift
  • Spectrum
  • ElasticSearch
  • Athena
  • QuickSight

Compute and Containerization

  • Lambda
  • EC2
  • Farsight
  • Elastic Container Service
  • Elastic Kubernetes Service


  • SNS
  • SQS
  • Lambda Step Functions
  • Kinesis
  • Managed Steaming for Kafka (MSK)


  • VPC
  • CloudFront
  • Route 53
  • API Gateway


  • CodeDeploy
  • CodeBuild
  • CodePipeline
  • CodeCommit
  • CloudWatch
  • CloudTrail


  • IAM
  • Cognito
  • Cloud HSM
  • Certificate Manager
  • Key Management Service