Harnessing Social Network Activity to Influence Social Product and Brand Sentiment

Like other startups that JBS has partnered with, a considerable amount of iterating was required to take a software concept and make it a fully functioning product.

Many stops and starts occurred with a variety of data partners to determine the best course of action to power the application.  JBS provided the expertise to cut through the smoke and mirrors of a fledgling industry to partner with the most stable of the social data aggregators. After the data partner selection was completed, we embarked on transforming that data into a graphically-intensive experience that would be the cornerstone of the application.

JBS Custom Solution

Python and Django were leveraged, along with the HighCharts charting library to present the social data in a secure and digestible format.  Multiple APIs connected to third parties, where we processed social information from each API to extract metrics from within the data, combined it with key data from Twitter and/or Facebook, and bounced it off of limbx emotion measures –  all managed using Mongo.

Photo of stadium

Built with…

  • Bootstrap logo
  • CSS 3 logo
  • Django logo
  • Highcharts logo
  • HTML 5 logo
  • MongoDB logo
  • Python logo

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