Ad Agency Custom Social Media Platform Delivers Billions of Daily Impressions

An innovative mobile marketing agency with over 15 years of advertising experience and success in affiliate marketing, online search, video and creative graphics generation, came to JBS for a proprietary platform to streamline their operations and fulfill multiple social media client needs. Their goal was to create a robust system for the mediation and delivery of mobile ads while also providing publishers and advertisers an open marketplace where they could bid, buy and sell marketing content – ultimately keeping the agency as a leader in the emerging and fluid social media marketing space.

JBS Custom Solution

JBS employed a well-rounded team consisting of a senior architect and a development team with a diverse knowledge and familiarity in JavaScript, Python, PHP and frameworks Django and Sambhuti to implement a scalable, efficient platform. Working with the client, the team gathered the initial requirements and provided a proof of concept on the communication mechanism that would ultimately be utilized for the mobile advertising content delivery. JBS employed an agile development process to guide the client with the quickest path to a working product in which to generate revenue.

The architecture consisted of two main components – an Admin Portal developed in Python / Django (1.4) and a delivery system utilizing the open source mAdserve project (PHP). The Admin portal serves as a forum for publishers and advertisers to converge and allow for the creation and bidding of ad content running on the network. Post-delivery of the content and pixel tracking in the ad supplies business information to report on and leverage key monetization data around impressions, conversions and revenue. The custom built platform came to serve as an all-in-one system allowing the ad agency to create their social media, setup and manage web optimization tools, and integrate with an open source mobile ad server for the delivery of the marketing content. Built on a scalable framework, the business has been recently praised by their current hosting facility for delivering billions of daily impressions, an impressive achievement.

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