Data Warehouse & Modeling Project Combines Three Disparate Sources into One SQL Database

Our credit union client faced a fundamental challenge in that they were not leveraging their own data as effectively and efficiently as they could be, missing out on opportunities to make more informed business decisions using insights hidden in their own data.

Faced with disparate and aged data systems, tedious manual extraction and manipulation, lack of valuable historical views or real time on-demand insight reporting, a JBS custom solution was in order.

Centered on leveraging their existing data in new and innovative ways, coupled with the business challenges that the credit union faced, JBS worked closely to achieve a number of key business goals: 1) provide a mechanism in which they can store and analyze data from all their disparate systems, 2) provide a mechanism to tie the data together from all the systems in their environment, 3) gain efficiency by removing the manual process of gathering analysts data and hence freeing them up to do more analysis (in essence, removing them from the business of data management and more into their primary role of analysts), 4) provide the tools for the business to gain deeper data insights by providing a more flexible, dynamic way to query, view and report on business data, and 5) provide more real time data analysis and the ability to execute historical trending and predictive analysis.

JBS Custom Solution

JBS began with a detailed business unit review of current reports, systems, data at rest, reporting goals and how data in the respective systems related to data in other non-connected systems. We established a data warehouse in SQL Server 2012 to host the key data points from the disparate systems, loaded from a series of SQL Server Integration Packages developed in SSIS with the goal of automated extracting, summarizing, cleaning, aggregating and organizing the relevant data points and eliminating manual extracts. Leveraging SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, PowerBI and the PowerBI Cloud we were able to provide better business controls, multi-dimensional business analysis tools, and key performance measures.

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