Customized E-commerce Site Sparkles for National Engagement Ring Store

Robbins Brothers is an engagement ring store that helps couples find the most stunning ring for their perfect moment. With 15 locations in California, Washington, Texas, and Arizona, Robbins Brothers also has a strong online presence, currently running its e-commerce site within a JBS Site Manager installation.

Early in the engagement, JBS worked with multiple groups within Robbins Brothers to review the current state across backend systems, in-store systems, and customer facing sites. During these sessions, JBS listened very closely to what was important, from both a technical perspective as well as a core business value perspective. Instead of treating Robbins Brothers as a boilerplate e-commerce set up, JBS understood the need to focus on the customer relationship and customized the site around that viewpoint, backed by ongoing enhancements and maintenance.

JBS delivered a successful revamp that stayed true to the client’s core business values. And Robbins Brothers found the trusted long-term technology partner they were looking for, allowing them to have an online e-commerce presence and deliver new ways to build and grow relationships with current and future customers.

JBS Custom Solution

The JBS e-commerce and integration systems were developed on the Microsoft stack, utilizing SQL Server, ASP.NET, and Windows Communication Foundation plus open source technologies like jQuery, AngularJS, and Knockout. The systems were designed with growth in mind, and that choice has paid off, as JBS has worked with the client for several years after the initial engagement to tie in new systems and enhance the e-commerce experience as the client strives to achieve its longer term business goals.

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