JBS Partnership and In-House Client Team Improves SaaS Bridge for Improved Customer On-Boarding

Booker, a large SaaS based company was drowning under the custom integration requests from its growing client base. The company’s development team was focused on roadmap development for the company’s base SaaS offering, and diverting their limited development resources for the never ending customization and support requests, thwarting the company’s ability to advance its technology roadmap.

The JBS advanced development team and support teams stepped in to help. Acting as a partner organization, JBS effectively became the Professional Services organization for Booker’s ever expanding client base. As new customers were on-boarded, JBS was actively engaged to manage required customization or integration activities that were specific to each customer. The engagements varied significantly, depending on the client. In some cases, JBS built mini-systems to bridge the gaps between the SaaS offering and desired functionality, while in other cases, the customization needs were as straightforward as a few reporting requests.

JBS Custom Solution

JBS assembled a team of our top developers and UI/UX designers and quickly got up to speed on the client’s large code base. The team’s expertise in the Microsoft .NET framework, web development, and Agile methodologies allowed them to immediately begin providing value to Booker and Booker’s customers. The JBS developers were fully integrated with the Booker’s developers and project managers, participating in daily scrums, architectural reviews, and all facets of the Agile software development life cycle. The flexibility and professionalism of the JBS developers allowed our group to act as a seamless extension of Booker’s technical staff.

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