Enhanced CMS is a Curtain Call for Actors Casting & Job Information

Backstage.com is a trusted destination for actors to find career advice and casting information. When we first reviewed the site’s architecture, we found it was built on an outdated CMS that the company had long since outgrown. The revenue driver for the site – the casting listings sought after by its customers – was outsourced to a 3rd party firm and was somewhat flat, feature-less, and dated in terms of UX. A JBS Custom App was clearly required.

Working closely with the client’s chosen design agency to craft a new, dynamic experience for the site’s members, the final solution called for a faceted browse and search experience for their job listings, in line with similar functionality for most large e-Commerce sites, and a greatly enhanced CMS capability, featuring over 10 templates and a custom role-based publishing process. The team agreed the new site needed to support active member signups, ongoing subscription billing, and traffic in excess of 150K page views per day.

JBS Custom Solution

JBS developed the system on the Python stack, using the Django framework and DjangoCMS. The site makes heavy use of APIs, using the DjangoREST framework internally, and also integrating with several third party APIs including a payment subscription system known as Zuora, multiple email-processing APIs, a Sales-Force API for customer management, and HubSpot for email marketing. JBS is currently upgrading the analytics platform from Google Analytics to SegmentIO. For the site’s job listing, Elasticsearch was implemented to support full faceting of the job board index.

Photo of Backstage site


  • Backstage screenshot
  • Backstage screenshot
  • Backstage screenshot

Built with…

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