JBS and Virto Commerce Sponsoring B2B Online Conference

PHILADELPHIA, PA – JBS continues its partnership with Virto Commerce and together are sponsoring the upcoming B2B Online Conference in Chicago in May 2017. JBS is excited to be part of this conference and to have the opportunity to share its success stories around leveraging the Virto platform to deliver e-commerce and B2B solutions to its customers.

JBS has years of experience in developing custom solutions to meet the requirements of businesses who need to interact with end-consumers as well as other businesses. While some of the technology behind these different types of interactions are similar, the underlying business problems are different and require an experienced approach. JBS has the experience and successful track record to deliver B2B solutions to its clients.

The partnership between JBS and Virto Commerce has been growing over the last few years and has resulted in multiple wins for our clients. Virto Commerce developed an enterprise .NET Ecommerce Platform for B2B and B2C solutions. This platform is based on a modern architecture that supports full modular customization. By having this platform as an option for its customers, JBS is able to quickly deliver full-featured customized solutions. Many of the core functions required for an enterprise commerce platform – product catalogs, inventory management, order management, content management, customer management, and payment processing – already exist in Virto. So JBS is able to focus on the unique requirements of its customers, and extend and customize Virto to meet those needs.

More information on JBS Custom Software Solutions can be found at jbssolutions.com.

More information on Virto Commerce can be found at virtocommerce.com

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