JBS Custom Software Solutions Adds Greystone & Company, Inc. to Client List

PHILADELPHIA, PA – President and CEO John Becker announced today the addition of Greystone & Company Inc. to the company’s list of blue-chip clients. JBS will partner with Greystone to develop custom solutions software systems that automate the manually laborious underwriting process for commercial loans.

“We are very excited here at JBS to add Greystone & Company to our client partnerships,” said John Becker. “Learning how complex the underwriting of commercial loans is, and seeing the highly manual process really fired up our team. We can’t wait to dig in to design a world-class data and process management system.”

Greystone & Company Inc. provides real estate lending, housing development, and financial activity services for multi-family and healthcare mortgage lending, property development and management, education funding, consumer empowering solutions, factoring, housing preservation, and loan servicing. Greystone & Company serves customers throughout the United States.

Headquartered in the greater Philadelphia region, JBS services a wide range of regional and national customers. The entire JBS staff is U.S. based, working remotely together on dedicated project teams consisting of top tier full-time senior level architects, developers and project managers. JBS projects span a wide variety of custom solutions, featuring expertise in Microsoft technologies, Open Source stacks, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Content Management Systems, and Mobile Solutions.

More information on JBS Custom Software Solutions can be found at jbssolutions.com.

More information on Greystone & Company can be found at greyco.com.

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