The JBS Approach

At JBS, every project is different, from large enterprise-wide rebuilds to smaller, web-centric start-ups, we begin and adhere to a consistent, proven approach to projects. The five vital project phase include Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing. It’s no coincidence that these phases fall in line with those suggested by PMI and within our industry. Rest assured, we will bring our many years of successful project management, whether we use our PM process, Agile or a hybrid model that best fits your IT team environment.

Our project management process:

01 Initiation

We get the ball rolling. We dig into who you are as a company and get on the same page about why we’re doing this project and what you hope to achieve.

02 Planning

We lay out the plans. This is where our PMs begin to shine, creating the plans for all facets of the project. We continue discovery, define requirements, determine schedule, budget, set quality standards. The planning phase really sets the table for the real development to begin.

03 Executing

We get our hands dirty. Now that all the plans are defined, we let our devs do what they do best. It’s a simple as that.

04 Monitoring and Controlling

We navigate the plan. We entrust our PMs to navigate the project through the inevitable twists and turns, providing our customer with an open view of the project’s inner workings and happenings.

05 Closing

We close it out. We look at our final product and make sure we did what we said we were going to do. We wrap up any other loose ends and prepare to move on to the maintenance side of things.

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