JBS has built a number of very successful applications using Scrum-based Agile methodology, an approach that has been a fixture for our team since the early days. Our PM’s have refined the process over the years to become what we believe is a core JBS differentiator from our competitors.

Over the course of several high-pressure, short deadline projects, our team quickly found that Agile was the best way to ensure maximum flexibility with minimal rework; we were able to manage the need for cutting-edge technology, rapidly changing requirements, and rapid deployments in industries where timeliness often dictates a company’s ability to procure future funding rounds, and thus vital to its viability.

To ensure all JBS managed projects are delivered to schedule, scope and budget, we perform Agile in the traditional manner – iterations (aka “sprints”) in development cycles that provide each customer with a deliverable at the sprint closure. The sprint cycle timelines are typically between 2–4 weeks.

Each sprint consists of the following components:

01 Sprint Planning Session

The Product Owner will present the priority product backlog items which the team will use to define a sprint goal and commit to a number of achievable backlog items within the sprint.

02 Daily Scrum

A brief and mandatory daily meeting that helps to set the context for each day’s work.

03 Test Build/Bug Fixing/UAT

Sprint deliverables are released to a test environment for QA and UAT.

04 Sprint Review Session

The team demonstrates the completed functionality to the stakeholders at this meeting.

05 Product Backlog Refinement

The Product Backlog is reprioritized, and the next set of functionality is selected for the next sprint.

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