A cross platform mobile ecommerce experience.

Executive Summary

Petco is a leading national pet specialty retailer with more than 50 years of service to pet parents. The company employs more than 25,000 partners and operates more than 1,500 Petco locations across the U.S. and Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Everything Petco does is guided by its vision: Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better World.

As an organization, Petco is constantly striving to serve as a complete and trusted partner for pet parents, both in-stores and online. In 2017, Petco was actively developing a mobile platform to complement their strong eCommerce business. With the help of JBS, the company was able to significantly accelerate the original project timeline, reduce workforce needs and successfully launch a user-friendly mobile app to support the needs of modern pet parents.


In an increasingly competitive and digitally-driven retail landscape, consumers want and expect seamless, multi-channel experiences that allow them to shop and interact with brands and retailers when, where and how it’s most convenient for them. To that end, Petco was in the middle of a year-long development of their mobile application. The goal of the mobile project was to develop a personalized commerce experience on all mobile platforms. This would differentiate Petco from their competitors and improve its in-store and online shopping experience, in turn improving overall ROI. The new application was focused on adding value to local store interactions and providing additional convenience to mobile online shopping and scheduling of services. One year into the project and with less than 25% of the project complete, Petco turned to JBS for help.

How JBS helped

JBS was brought onto the Petco mobile project with the goal of making a timely and successful launch. JBS first brought in experienced senior management consultants to analyze and diagnose Petco’s mobile project. After a month of thorough analysis, JBS recommended changing the structure and size of teams working on the mobile project to make more efficient and effective use of talent supporting the work. By implementing the changes recommended by JBS, the project was finished on time and with less staff.


JBS incrementally replaced an existing team of 50 with a hand-selected team of five, with an average of six to nine years of experience. This new team, working collaboratively with Petco employees, went on to consistently hit 100% of their project deliverables on Petco mobile. The success of the new, blended teams drove the project to completion within four months. Not only had staffing been reduced by 90% but the overall delivery timeline shortened by 75% under the new team. This shortened timeline provided Petco an opportunity to focus on core features and functionality of the mobile project and solution. Completing the mobile application initiated profitable platform growth by increasing frequency of cross-sell and upsell revenue. Moreover, it provided a clear template for future success in mobile development efforts at Petco.