Hybrid Mobile Apps Part 1: Ionic Framework Basics

According to an April 2016 report by comScore, a global media analytics company, mobile users now represent 65 percent of digital utilization with mobile apps dominating usage overall. All indicators show future growth will continue to be driven by mobile devices. In part one of this series, we’ll explore reaching this mobile segment with mobile […]

Big Data with Hadoop Cluster

It’s rare that you can go to a medium to large-enterprise IT environment and not have some kind of “Big Data” setup. Information and analytics are becoming central to corporate decision making support. Today we’re going to talk about one of the better-known big data tools, Hadoop. Hadoop is an Apache project born out of […]

Dealing with SQL Performance (for .Net developers)

Introduction I use Entity Framework… what do I care about SQL Performance? It seems all too often that the answer to dealing with SQL is now to use an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool to avoid SQL like the plague when talking to .Net developers.  Some of the reasons for this are that SQL contains black […]

Escape from C# / Into the Swift Trenches – Part 1

Introduction In my previous post I introduced the Swift language from the perspective of a C# developer, demonstrating some of the more obvious differences between the two languages. In this series, I will be digging much deeper into the language itself. I will be covering just some of the of the differences (and similarities) between […]