Dealing with SQL Performance (for .Net developers)

Introduction I use Entity Framework… what do I care about SQL Performance? It seems all too often that the answer to dealing with SQL is now to use an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool to avoid SQL like the plague when talking to .Net developers.  Some of the reasons for this are that SQL contains black […]

Escape from C# / Into the Swift Trenches – Part 1

Introduction In my previous post I introduced the Swift language from the perspective of a C# developer, demonstrating some of the more obvious differences between the two languages. In this series, I will be digging much deeper into the language itself. I will be covering just some of the of the differences (and similarities) between […]

Introduction to Swift (for C#.NET developers)

Introduction I’m a .NET developer and I love Microsoft! Why should I care about Swift? The Swift language is gaining wide adoption at an accelerated rate. According to the TIOBE Index for 2015, Swift increased quite a bit in popularity in just one year (from 25th place in 2014 to 14th place in 2015). It […]

Introduction to Aurelia – Part 2

Introduction In my last post, I created a super small master/detail application in Aurelia. In it, we demonstrated how Aurelia, with it’s viewmodel/view pairs, can achieve very powerful results quickly and easily. In today’s post, I want to expand on some other features of Aurelia that allow you to create even more powerful applications. To […]


Often times in a web application, there are a subset of tasks that are long-running, resource intensive and don’t have to be completed in real time.  These tasks are perfect for offloading to an asynchronous queuing system.  This article will discuss how one such python library, Celery, assists you in writing asynchronous tasks, as well […]