GeoDjango on Zappa / Lambda

Zappa and AWS Lambda are great prototyping tools (and production tools too) but one tool that’s important to me has been missing from the drawer when I went to build something – GeoDjango. But all I could ever find were a few rough notes that involved compiling the two main libraries, GEOS and GDAL, inside […]

High Velocity Software Development: 5 Rules to follow to increase your success

High velocity software development is a framework to maximize returns when developing custom software. The approach focuses on integrating a technology partner within the entire business development ecosystem and provides best practices for the entire life cycle of your intellectual property. Problems High Velocity Software Development Solves: Loss of control and visibility over your process […]

Reduce abandon rates with the SPA treatment

Single-page applications (SPAs) have become the name of the game in modern web pages. Users expect to receive a web page instantly and are no longer used to allowing loading spinners whirl away while large unseen portions of the page are loaded. One study showed that 53% of mobile users will abandon a site if […]

What is serverless, is it the future?

In the five years since their large cloud provider launch, serverless hosting and Function as a Service (FaaS) platforms have become increasingly popular. For those unfamiliar, serverless computing is an execution model in which a provider runs a server and dynamically allocates machine resources based on consumption. In contrast to the traditional model in which […]

Hybrid Outsourcing Increases Success Rates

Outsourcing or in-sourcing, those are the two choices right? Actually, they are not. You can combine the best of both worlds and really drive home some ROI. Over the last 20 years, JBS has found that a hybrid approach to outsourcing allows companies to have the best of both worlds. A flexible and scalable development […]