Succeeding with Agile in a Waterfall Culture

While working as both a developer and a project manager at JBS, I have seen many projects where the customer is looking to move away from a “Waterfall” type of project. At JBS, we’re excited to hear about this, as the Agile approach has been a staple of how we do things since the company’s […]

Practical Tips for Getting Started with Xamarin Cross-Platform Development

In the years since it was first released, Xamarin has certainly come a long way towards fulfilling the promise of true cross-platform development.  This post will explore some practical considerations that are important to a team beginning to use Xamarin.  Making some informed decisions up front will minimize the chance that you may need to […]

Migrating to Azure

      Overview So, you’ve decided that you want to migrate to the Cloud.  Moving to a cloud service provider such as Azure is not something that should be taken lightly.  However, it’s reasonable to plan and execute while keeping downtime to a minimum.  The topics to be discussed in this article are going […]