Microservices for Innovation

Companies today have more decisions to make when it comes to their application infrastructure than ever before. There are lots of choices that need to be made when designing, extending, or remodeling your infrastructure. Whether you have existing systems and integrations, or you are starting out on a new project, leveraging microservice design can provide […]

In Defense of Unit Testing

An argument can be made that unit tests are not worth the time and energy that they cost to produce. Furthermore, after investing that time and cost there is no guarantee that writing unit tests will catch every issue. While these are all valid arguments, utilizing unit testing for your solution is an excellent way […]

Succeeding with Agile in a Waterfall Culture

While working as both a developer and a project manager at JBS, I have seen many projects where the customer is looking to move away from a “Waterfall” type of project. At JBS, we’re excited to hear about this, as the Agile approach has been a staple of how we do things since the company’s […]

Practical Tips for Getting Started with Xamarin Cross-Platform Development

In the years since it was first released, Xamarin has certainly come a long way towards fulfilling the promise of true cross-platform development.  This post will explore some practical considerations that are important to a team beginning to use Xamarin.  Making some informed decisions up front will minimize the chance that you may need to […]