About JBS

Building Project-Based Custom Applications and Software Solutions for High-Performance Businesses

Founded in 1999, JBS is a custom software application development company working with a wide range of clients ranging from small technology start-ups to large Fortune 500 retailers. Headquartered in the greater Philadelphia region, we service a national customer base with global deployment requirements. Our entire staff consists of top tier full-time on-shore senior level architects, developers and project managers, working with the latest technologies in the marketplace.

Our first client was a local start-up, Music123.com, which was working to launch an e-commerce business in the midst of the dot com boom. JBS partnered with Music123.com and developed the company’s e-commerce site, fulfillment systems, call center, and warehouse systems to help power the firm to $45M in annual revenue in less than 3 years. Soon after, Music123 was acquired by Guitar Center and Guitar Center family of sites remains a key JBS partner to this day.

Through the years we have added several other clients and partners, but our story remains the same. Working together, with a team of experienced and dedicated pros, we partner with businesses, write outstanding code, and deliver our projects on time and on budget. We know that if we do good work, understand the underlying business issues in play, and provide a successful implementation, then more work will follow.

At JBS, we believe great technology can drive growth, and growth drives more development. Thus, our main goal is to help our partners grow their businesses via technology.

We apply the following principles in all of our engagements:

  • Every client is a partner. Your success is our success.

  • We treat every project, and the underlying cost decisions regarding the project, as if they were our own. Pragmatism, particularly in the realm of software development, is not a dirty word.

  • We believe small, experienced teams outperform larger, less experienced teams. Inexperienced developers have a place on projects, just not our projects, and nurturing/mentoring new talent is better left to our larger competitors.

  • The most important aspect of a system is that it works. An over-architected system is just as error prone and problematic as an under-architected system. The balance is extremely important, and is why an experienced development staff is of paramount importance.

  • Deliver great solutions – that can perform and last.

If this sounds like the type of partner you’d like to work with, give us a call.

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