Month: July 2019
What is serverless, is it the future?

In the five years since their large cloud provider launch, serverless hosting and Function as a Service (FaaS) platforms have become increasingly popular. For those unfamiliar, serverless computing is an execution model in which a provider runs a server and dynamically allocates machine resources based on consumption. In contrast to the traditional model in which […]

Hybrid Outsourcing Increases Success Rates

Outsourcing or in-sourcing, those are the two choices right? Actually, they are not. You can combine the best of both worlds and really drive home some ROI. Over the last 20 years, JBS has found that a hybrid approach to outsourcing allows companies to have the best of both worlds. A flexible and scalable development […]

Outsourcing 101

Most of these concepts are probably familiar, but it’s good to clarify some of what we will be discussing. When we talk about outsourcing, we mean using an outside firm to deliver on a need or fill a role. This is in contrast to prioritizing existing staff or hiring additional personnel to complete the task. […]