Experienced Leadership Drives Client Project Success

The JBS Executive Leadership team consists of a dedicated and seasoned group of client-focused business minded pros. With varied backgrounds in finance, coding, product design, project management and business acumen, our focus is three-fold:

  • Making sure we are the “right–fit” for each client’s custom software and application project
  • Aligning the correct JBS team to build each custom project
  • Staying focused on delivering projects on time and on budget

The team believes in “full engagement”, empowering all the members of JBS with direct “take action” decision-making authority, encouraging their project “ownership” mentality and then supporting them in problem solving, coding, project management, and trouble-shooting performance problems before they can impact or derail a job. We celebrate our team’s unique balance between peer-to-peer accountability, project excellence and strive to help everyone achieve their personal and professional goals.

John Becker

CEO & President

Expertise: Corporate Management, Strategic Vision, Sales and Marketing, Technical and Operational Oversight

John left the consulting world in the mid-90s where he had gained extensive experience including developing large enterprise systems, building shrink-wrapped salesforce automation software, and designing replication software. He started JBS in 1999 as a single-employee operation and has grown it to a $15M+ company, always focusing on his core values of delivering software that works and helping clients grow their businesses. Leading by example, John continues to guide JBS by setting the company leadership tone, driving overall strategic vision, and setting a high bar for excellence. John holds a BA in Sales & Marketing from the University of Washington, and currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and son.

Mark Edinger

Chief Technology Officer

Expertise: Project Management, Back End Infrastructure, Software Development, Strategic Planning

Mark joined JBS over a decade ago, after a successful career as a software consultant, where he worked on many projects including a bilingual mortgage application, telecommunications software, and VoIP applications. Mark started at JBS as a lead developer and architect, and was a key player with JBS flagship clients such as MusicGremlin (the world’s first wireless MP3 player), Guitar Center, and SanDisk. During this time, Mark helped to build the solid technical foundation that contributed to the success and growth of JBS. Mark continues to contribute to JBS growth and drive technical direction by keeping abreast of latest technologies, and encouraging learning and sharing among employees via research projects, lunch-and-learns, and blog posts. Mark also applies cutting edge and best-of-breed technologies in the context of technical sales and meeting client requirements. Mark holds a BS in Computer Science from Lock Haven University, and currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.

Steve Fine

Chief Operating Officer

Expertise: Operations, Strategic Planning, Customer Relations and Project Oversight, P&L Growth

Steve joined JBS several years ago, bringing his 20+ years of technology business expertise to the organization. His past experiences includes e-commerce multi-channel digital and systems integration solutions and serving as COO for a national supplier of supply chain logistics. Steve has had a major impact on many operational aspects of JBS in managing all project operations and customer relationships, contributing to strategic planning, and helping keep JBS on solid operational footing. Steve holds a degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two dogs.

Bill Pearce

Chief Business Development Officer

Expertise: Strategy, Sales Efforts, Strategic Partnerships in Microsoft Partner Community, Custom Application Services

Bill joined JBS in 2016 as its Chief Business Development Officer. Bill has over 30 years of business development experience with a focus on custom application services. He spent over nine years as the Director of Business Development, and ten years as a Senior Account Executive at his last two positions. At JBS, Bill helps set and execute JBS strategy, directs sales efforts, and focuses on the development of strategic partnerships in the Microsoft Partner community. Bill holds a BS in Business Administration and Economics from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) and lives in Maryland with his wife and son.

Jon Steinman

Chief Financial Officer

Expertise: Financial Management, Human Resources, Software Development, Project Management

Jon joined JBS in 2000 after working as a developer for a national furniture chain, where he worked on in-store POS systems. Jon worked as a Lead Developer and Project Manager for his first 8 years at JBS, focused on web-based business applications for national clients such as Goddard Schools, Walgreens, and Robbins Brothers. As the company grew, Jon took over company operations, specifically around finances, human resources and benefits, and the rigorous JBS hiring process. Jon holds a BS in Physics from Boston College and currently lives in Ohio with his wife and three daughters.

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